Bella and Flynn are loving their beds being outside while it’s so nice out (78 degrees, slightly overcast)…

Microcast #6

Bringing it down from daily to weekly, now that my job situation has changed slightly.

Plus, I talk about what I’m doing with my new found downtime.

Unintentional framing…

A beautiful morning. First time we’ve seen sun in quite some time…

Flynn is already over this whole COVID-19 business…

The mayor of Nashville just ordered a 14-day “Safer-in-Place” order for Davidson County (essentially Nashville).

Not sure how this is going to affect my job, despite it being in hospitality, since I usually am more infrastructure/behind the scenes…

Microcast #5

Sorry this one is a day late. I needed some time off to not think about everything going on.

You’ll probably hear it in my voice throughout the episode.

I’ll talk more about it next week.

Microcast #4

An early morning microcast coming at you today.

Sorry for the minor political rant towards the end…

Microcast #3

A short one today. Not too much to report.

Stay safe!

An empty hotel, and then this happens…

Paging Stanley Kubrick…

Microcast #2

Another update. Starting to create a streak of microcasting.

It feels really good to do this again. It really feels therapeutic to just get my thoughts out there.

Microcast #1

Sort of a State of the State microcast. I didn’t really have much to say, but just wanted to get a status update on how life is.

Survived a Sam’s Club trip. No TP or Paper Towels, as expected.

There were a lot of people, though. Couldn’t tell if it was the typical Saturday crowd, or if there was an increased presence…?

With the amount of bachelorette parties that are still coming to Nashville, can we start calling them Woo-Han girls?

Sorry. I’ll see myself out…

East Nashville - March 8, 2020

Visited East Nashville this afternoon. It was so eerie walking around amid the destruction.

It was sad to see places we always used to go, but then also happy to see other places still standing.

East Nashville is looking good this morning…

Good morning, from the central office.

We got a mini owl to put on this table in our sitting room.

Bella is fascinated with it…

Gotta love early voting…and the TN “I Voted” sticker.

Spent last night in Downtown Nashville with the family.

These were shot on the GoPro Hero 8, and I’m really impressed.

Testing out the new GoPro Hero 8 Black on Bella and Flynn.

Spent the morning at the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum.

Pretty cool, even for this Beatles guy.

Hello from scenic Tupelo, MS!

Taken from the Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, GA. Slightly edited in the Retouch iOS app (to remove all the cars), and Lightroom Mobile (color/contrast/etc).

A random courtyard in Savannah, GA