Every time Almost Famous comes on, I’m reminded of two things…

1) How much I love this movie (and everything Cameron Crowe)

2) I still need to start submitting articles to Rolling Stone (this movie was the main insipration as to why I got into writing and Journalism)

It’s definitely not an original idea (all the good ones have been taken in this space), however I’m toying with the idea of handwritten blog posts.

Not so much replacing every post with a handwritten one, but more so a daily brain dump or stream-of-consciousness post.

When you’re at an Irish pub and Try a Little Tenderness comes on, but it’s the version by The Commitments so that makes it ok in your mind.

Existential crisis…

Do I write a blog post about something, post it on MB, or record a microcast about it?

Are all three appropriate? Do I pick two and then syndicate on one?

I’m so confused…(in a good way)

I always claim that Ryan Adams was my first country music show, but he’s not really Country. So, I’m making up for it by seeing Garth Brooks tonight.

Turns out my father (who has been dead for 4 years now) had some opinions on Net Neutrality this past year…

Well, at least according to the FCC.

You can read them here and here.

Tea. Earl Grey (Crème). Hot. (w/ blackberry-infused honey, and cream)

Only the best way to watch S2 of The Crown, indeed.

I’m enjoying the fact that a lot of companies and developers are opening up their Slack groups to external users. Add to that all of the social groups (ex. the Indie Blogging community), and I’m actually finding a use to keep the app on my devices.

Feeling particularly productive today. Finished Christmas shopping with the wife, fixed my old Raspberry Pi 2, and cleaned the house. Not too shabby…