Sync in Progress Presents: ZaxTrax (Updated 12/6/17)

ZaxTrax has been updated with some new tracks for you all.

Continuing with the theme of songs from Gossip Girl, there are a couple of really cool songs and covers in there. 

Also, where did this cover of Red Light, Blue Light by Jack White come from? I heard it on the KCRW Eclectic24 stream the other day and it totally took me by surprise.

Anyway, feel free to click here for the new version of ZaxTrax and enjoy!

Sync in Progress Presents: ZaxTrax (Updated 11/16/2017)

Updated ZaxTrax this morning, as I have hit 10 songs tagged in Shazam.

A lot of the tracks were tagged while the wife and I were watching Gossip Girl (don’t judge me). The show may suck, but it’s got a really great soundtrack (and some great musical guest stars).

There’s some new stuff in there (LCD Soundsystem and the new Eminem/Beyonce song), and some old stuff (Earth, Wind, and Fire) so it’s a decent list that clocks in at about 51 minutes, making it the longest version of the playlist that I’ve created so far.


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