Micro Thoughts from Zak Winnick

Found this awesome challenge coin from the Grand Opening of Universal Studios Florida on June 7, 1990.

Ironically, none of the attractions on this coin exist in the park anymore…

A beautiful fall evening here in Nashville.

Wide (1.0) and Wide Angle (2.5x) lenses, with some minor corrections in Photos.

After a couple of weeks with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I must say this is a most impressive camera setup.

All of these pics were taken after dark.

Night Mode is pretty great…

Flynn thinks he’s an ambulance…🐶🐕🚑

Testing out Night Lapse with the GoPro Hero 9 Black.

I’m pretty impressed.

The blue/pink streaks are my two dogs (they have LED collars for nighttime park excursions).

I even managed to get a Southwest 737 on approach to BNA!

It might have been 83 degrees outside today, but at least we have our Christmas lights up (complete with Holiday Husky)…

There’s a strong sense of irony for us SNL fans that Sean Connery and Alex Trebek died in the same week…

Ordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max (Pacific Blue, 256gb).

It’s my first new phone in two years. I’m currently rocking the iPhone XS Max.

Totally weird, as I usually get a new phone every year.

Here’s to keeping up that tradition now!

Update: Bella is not impressed at Flynn’s lame attempt at political humor…

Flynn is like “We hearby claim Bella’s bed if, in fact, she stole my biscuit as has been widely reported.”

#BidenHarris2020 #dogsforbiden

A rare selfie, testing out the new Max Lens Mod on the GoPro Hero 9 Black.

All editing done in Apple Photos to boost some levels and stuff.

Some interesting clouds today…

2nd week of early voting in TN today, so I decided to wait in line.

About 42m. Not too bad, considering…

(The red arrow in the first pic is the entrance to the polling site)

I’m in love with this Starbucks in Las Vegas…

Decided to re-activate my Micro.Blog account to check out what’s changed in the vast period of time since I left.

Must say…I like all of the changes!

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍