My first interview as IT Manager for my company.

I’m pretty proud of this one.

Well, hello there…

Got these awesome stickers, inspired by attractions at Universal Orlando, from @robjyeo (on Twitter)

It’s awesome wall art for my new house.

It’s also a fun moment for me, as the majority of these attractions were produced by my dad. He would have loved all of these stickers.

Just when I thought I had an original idea for a musical composition…

Bob Culbertson - Didgeridoo and Chapman Stick (Live)

In KY, driving back from a wedding.

It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this…

In looking for some old podcasts for a new project, I came across this awesome blog post I wrote back in 2007. I still remember that flight…and I’m still that snooty about flying.

100% First Class -

Coffee from my favourite coffee place in Nashville (Steadfast Coffee) this morning (as usual…I have a subscription). Best one they sent in a long time. I definitely have a preference for African coffees (Kona coffee is my 2nd favourite).

Migrated all my media to Google Drive (thank you G-Suite unlimited storage!), and am now running Plex on a Mac Mini hosted by MacStadium.

Not sure what I’m going to do with my QNAP TS-231 now…

#2 - Pondering The Preponderance

Another month has passed, and the indecisiveness is becoming less.

This is definitely a microcast now, but what do I do with all the other ideas?

I ramble on about casts of the past, present, and future. Plus, I laugh at myself WAY too much.

Reverting back to iOS 12.3.1 from iOS 13.

I had two random restarts and missed two important phone calls in the process.

iPadOS, however, seems to be pretty decent. 🤷🏻‍♂️