A “Small” Update

Another day, another re-evaluation of how I’m utilizing technology.

I figured since Blot.IM is a pretty great service, why not continue to use it and keep the long form writing on ZakWinnick.com?

So, going forward, I’ll be maintaining Words with Zak over on Blot and ZakWinnick.com right here.

Of course, there’s always Twitter too.

Social media overload? I think so!

Evolution of an Idea – ZakWinnick.com

As you all know, I have been struggling the past couple of years to figure out what to do with my website. As I mentioned in my story I posted on Medium a couple of weeks ago, Why I Started a MicroBlog, I started focusing on the smaller picture and then work my way out to the bigger picture, if needed.

I loved the fact of being able to control my own content, and then having it relayed to a public place (Dropbox -> Blot.im), but the one thing that concerned me was Medium.

So, starting today (well, last night), I’m back on WordPress.

I was looking at Manton Reece’s website, and noticed that he was using an install of WP on it. Needless to say, I was intrigued as to how he was microblogging, as well as posting full length articles. I was completely convinced that he had some plug-in installed.

After tearing the source code to the site apart, I found he was just using the “Status” format for his microblog posts (he calls them Snippets). WTF!? So, that’s what that does!

Hence, going forward on ZakWinnick.com, you will see a combination of these “Status” posts, as well as full-length posts, swirled together like a chocolate-vanilla ice cream cone.